Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our All-Time Favotite Trends Inspired By Sex And The City

So I saw the SATC movie last night and I enjoyed it. In spite of a few underdeveloped storylines and predictable chick-flick scenes I still thought it was worth ten bucks or whatever movies cost in your neck of the woods. I won’t spoil the plot for anyone who might be reading and hasn’t seen the flick yet but I must add this: More than the relationship stuff, more than the fabulous one-liners, more than even the fashion; watching this movie reminded me of how blessed I am to have love in my life. True love. The opportunity to love and to be loved. It made me think back to this post, my very first for PPT. It was written just over a year ago. Since I wrote that post, I’ve learned the real meaning of forgiveness (it is an on-going process), lost more than one family member (RIP Cous’ Cat and Darryl) and even contemplated why I have a blog (not getting any comments can often be discouraging) in the first place. Well, this seems so corny but somehow watching the movie yesterday gave me the gentle nudge that things are evolving for me exactly as they should. I just hope that I continue to pay attention to the lessons I’m being taught along the way.

[Insert an "awwwwww" here.]

Back to the regularly scheduled post. Here are PPT’s top 8 trends inspired by SATC (the small screen version):

Nameplates - I wore mine yesterday in honor of Carrie. (Yeah, I can be a nerd like that sometimes…) Although I’ve owned it for what seems like forever, it was her character that made me put it back in my jewelry rotation a few years ago.

Flower pins - I had a little accessories side hustle, back in ‘03/’04 and flower pins were one of my top sellers. I sold them in houndstooth, leather, suede, sequins and velvet. I almost always mentioned this show to make a sale! Confession: I have a long-time dream to open up an accessory boutique of my very own.

Earrings with names - Does anyone else recall the episode when Carrie refers to her engagement ring from Aiden as "ghetto gold"? That line really pissed me off at first but then I realized that it was something her character would actually say. It is what it is. These name earrings (and the nameplate) are typically the type of thing I would find offensive on a show like SATC. You know, mainstream America once again exploiting Black youth. Hey, I can so be a race woman; remember this? But sometimes a tree is just a tree. Meagan Good and countless others seem to be cool with it too. (Or are they - and me - just in denial? Please leave me a comment and let me know where you stand on this.)

Cosmos - It used to be the foursome’s alcoholic beverage of choice and now every bar and liquor store in America is thanking the show’s writers because of it. There is a cute exchange towards the end of the movie between Samantha and Carrie about this drink.

Manolos - Remember how I pointed out in this post that there was a lot of unnecessary hype about this designer? Well, I still think this way. However I wore my lime green pair to the screening (my only pair honestly) anyway as a homage to Carrie. I simply can’t front, a lot of soccer moms in Raleigh, North Carolina now know who Manolo Blahnik is because of SATC. FYI: If you happen to have an extra five hundred dollars to blow on shoes, peep the overlooked but oh so fly GINA line.

Designer logo fanny packs - A lot of folks didn’t get these and even Entertainment Weekly threw them shade in their tribute issue. Whatever! I so get it and if you know how to rock one (like my amiga Tress who owns a Gucci one) it can be totally chic. Hint: It seems to work best when it is played down in a very casual way.

Cupcakes - I rented a suite and served cupcakes and cocktails at The Dream Hotel to celebrate my 30th born day a couple years ago and I can’t help but to think that SATC is a huge reason why (conscious or not). We presently seem to have them on my job a couple times a week for some celebratory event. As we know, Ms. Bradshaw preferred hers from Magnolia Bakery but my preference are the red velvet creations from Harlem’s Make My Cake.

The Meatpacking District - This area was already hot and popping to many when it was first mentioned that Samantha was moving into town but dang if the show didn’t raise the property values by the end of that season. Even though it is crawling with the bridge & tunnel crowd now, this downtown ‘hood remains to be one of my fave spots in Manhattan. Why? Fashion (Catherine Malandrino, Jeffrey, Tracy Reese), Food (Highline, Buddha Bar, Merkato 55 - I’m supposed to finally eat there next month!) and Fun (Hotel Gansevoort, APT, Tenjune) are all in walking distance. And those cobblestone streets just up the cool factor.

Oh and uh, Pat Field did her THING in this flick! The fashion was ridiculous and I appreciate how the style of each character has evolved as they have evolved, but the accessories are extra divine. Even though Field can now pull from literally anyone she wants - couture and otherwise, she still mixed it up with high and low labels. (At least she appeared to.) That is a sign of a true stylist.

Did I miss something? Let me know. Also tell me if the flick made you feel all warm and fuzzy about your loved ones too.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Hope to see the movie here in Rome this weekend. There are two theaters playing it in English the rest are in Italian.

I think Blaniks are worth the hype compared to that other hyped shoe...Jimmy Choo. The craftsmanship is better.

Glad to hear the fashion in the flick is fab.

Bsquared said...

NYC/CARIB, I would love to hear first-hand how the flick was received in Rome. SATC was HUGE in London when I was threre in '03.

And I hear you with the Jimmy Choo/Blahnik comparison. I appreciate the fact that Blahnik is a real designer unlike Tamara Mellon who owns/ruds Jimmy Choo. Blahnik is def. serious about his craft. But there are too many folks who are jumping head first on the Blahnik bandwagon soley b/c of the name and that is always wack. Ya feel me?

sarah.tay said...

Hoping to see this soon. Your post was fun to read!