Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New York State of Mind

I can't wait to see what Patricia Field has done on the big screen!

As usual, I'm almost running late so this is gonna be a quick post. I'm supposed to see a screening of the highly anticipated Sex And The City flick tonight and doggone it, I'm EXCITED. I'm getting to see it two days early because of a perk through the j-o. Even my mother and ex-BF asked me about the movie because they both remember how I used to shut everyone down (including them) on Sunday nights a few years back when I was watching it. Remember that Jay line from Bonnie and Clyde? The only time we don't talk is during Sex And The City...

I have a brillant (lol) idea for a SATC post but it isn't complete yet. It will be up tomorrow for sure. Alrighty, I have to figure out what I'm wearing so I need to skidattle. I do know that I'm gonna rock my nameplate in honor of Carrie. Hey folks can say what they want but Carrie via SJP via Patricia Field brought the popularity of namplates back. In fact as we all know, Ms. Field and the writers of the show were responsible for creating mania about more than a few items during the show's run. Yeah we all wanted to learn about the latest Big antics but the fashion was clearly a huge reason why the show was so popular.

So tell me:

What SATC trends (from the show) inspired you the most and why?


tressa said...

hey, luv what you've done with the place! Carrie has justified my shoe habit. I've waken up at the crack of dawn for Choo and Malono sample sales. Pat has inspired me to experiment with color. I've learned that a bright shoe or a scarf that may not officially match - actually works well with an outfit. I've learned to express my personality thru know how sometimes a bright, big puffy skirt goes better on a rainy day.

Regina is... said...

I, too, went to a screening last night and am down to compare notes...via e-mail, I suppose, as not to spoil anything for your readers, yes?

Food Lover said...

My most lasting City habit has to be the Cosmos--I can't help but order one whenever I'm in a "girls night out" kinda mood.