Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nairobi's Knapsack: Exclusive Q&A, Plus Special Discount for PPT!

Okay, so whoever said that life slows down after you lose your job lied. My life has done anything but. I'm not complaining though, idle time is (usually) the devil's time. Since I felt so bad for not posting in a month of Sundays, I called a huge favor in for my PPT family! Because I know you're still shopping for your loved ones (admit it) and Christmas is less than a week away I know you'll really appreciate this post.

Below is a Q&A with the co-owners of a funky little toy store and gallery space in Brooklyn named Nairobi's Knapsack. It. Is. Fab. Totally the type of place I would want to host birthday shindigs, princess parties and other fun gatherings for my little one. (I'm definitely taking my nieces there during their next visit!) Continue reading to find out more about NK and how you can redeem an exclusive PPT discount for yourself. You're welcome.

(This model is not affiliated with Nairobi's Knapsack. I just think she's adorable.)

PPT: When did Nairobi’s Knapsack open and who are the owners?
NK: Our online store launched the end of 2006, while the Toy and Play Gallery opened in November 2008. Felicia Stevens-Niles is the founder and co-owner and Letena Lindsay is a co-owner.

PPT: What was the catalyst to open such a store in Brooklyn?
Niles: The store is located on the dividing line between Prospect Heights and Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Nairobi's Knapsack Toy and Play Gallery was born from my love of reading great books as a child and my experience as a mother searching for toys and books for my children. We decided to add the play space component after realizing that it was hard to find a suitable space to hold birthday parties for children [in the area]. While lots of families were in this neighborhood, we noticed there weren't many structured classes for kids offered in the immediate area, and many of us found ourselves traveling for this.

PPT: What are the benefits to parents (or anyone) shopping in Nairobi’s over a mass retailer like Toys 'R Us?
NK: Nairobi’s Knapsack Toy and Play Gallery is the quintessential toy boutique that combines classic books and toys with a multitude of children’s novelties that reflect our culturally diverse world. One key point of differentiation for us is that we’re very selective of the types of items we put in our space and on our website. We don’t want to overwhelm customers with too many options, so we pride ourselves on being “personal shoppers” of sorts by culling through the vast quantities of product and offering only the best quality books and toys that are also at affordable price points.

PPT: Any plans to open other locations in the near future? If so, when and where?
NK: For now, we’re taking baby steps. We were thrilled to celebrate our one year store anniversary in November and look forward to long-term expansion opportunities. Our key focus for 2010, however, will be on aggressively marketing our Toy and Play Gallery to members of our Brooklyn community as well as creating a stronger web presence for our brand for continued e-commerce growth.

PPT: Please share with us the top three sellers in the store and on the site right now.
NK: Those are the Karito Kids Travel Charmers, the Automoblox Mini Wooden Cars and the Keats’s Neighborhood: Ezra Jack Keats Treasury.

Check out my girl and NK co-owner Letena dishing on why this BK jewel is a must visit and sharing info on the store's unique age-driven gift guide!

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Happy Holidays, everyone! In the midst of your shopping, let's all remember to do something for someone else this season.