Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Me Bodied

The other night a few friends and I decided to check out a fairly new uptown spot called BODY (135th St & 12th Ave). We thought we would catch dinner and perhaps stop by the lounge situation as well to hear a few tunes. We figured we would still be home by 11p or so. (We were under the impression that BODY was more of a lounge than a club.) Well, we never did get dinner - the sushi restaurant connected to the club is not scheduled to open for another three weeks. And BODY is definitely a club. In fact it felt like Cheetah (a former NYC hot spot) on a Tuesday night back in like '99 or 2000. It was so not our typical scene and perhaps that is why we had a BALL! Every now and again a girl has to do things out of her element if for nothing else to remind her of what her element is. Brucie B was spinning that night. 'Nuff said. We reminisced about being young and dumb and danced the night away. Good times. Shout out to anyone who has ever owned a Brucie B, Kid Capri or Ron G mixtape by the way. ;-)

The club itself has all the makings of a trendy nightspot for hipsters: unisex bathrooms, exposed pipes and brick throughout, sleek furniture - you get the point. BODY (which is Dominican owned) appears to be part of a growing number of establishments in said area of Harlem. I noticed an Italian restaurant next door and a Thai/Latin fusion spot next door to that. Then of course there's Hudson Cafe down the block and Dinosaur BBQ up the way. Supposedly the city is preparing to open a boardwalk/promenade before the summer's end as well.

Oh and so much for it being an early night. I got in after 2a the next morning. What an interesting summer it will be...

P.S. - Yeah the property values in Harlem are increasing by the minute.

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Food Lover said...

BODY sounds like fun--I wanna go!