Sunday, May 25, 2008

Model Behavior

On Thursday night after work, I decided to check out the USA Launch Party of the "FABULOUS" Collection presented by Rootstein Display Mannequins featuring AGYNESS DEYN. So off I go, solo, to 19th street to view a bunch of mannequins. I honestly had no idea what to expect. At the very least I was hoping to see, hear or experience something I could blog about. (Guess that part worked out, huh?)

Pose for the camera now: click, click.

Well what a treat I received. As folks often say, "The kids were out!" I felt like I was back at F.I.T. There were so many colorful personalities in the room. Shortly after I arrived I bump into Andre J. I guess he's a model??? Really doesn't matter, 'ole boy managed to land himself a French Vogue cover. Work. He knows who he is. Andre was a total sweetheart too even though he made me take his picture twice because he wasn't happy with the first shot. Can we say diva? I love it.

Andre J. is all smiles for my camera phone.

So back to the main event. Basically, this company Rootstein Display Mannequins has been around for years. They use the image of an iconic model as inspiration to create these fabulous mannequins. This time around they chose girl of the moment, "It Brit" Agyness Deynn. She has been labeled the next Kate Moss. I never got the hype about Kate Moss but I do dig Agyness's haircut. So chic. Her mannequins were pretty cool but nothing to blog about. However the hair (and make-up)on these mannequins was FIRE! While Deyn's blonde pixie 'do is adorable, these hair and make-up looks were totally unexpected and avant–garde. It was like 1970s Studio 54 meets a modern-day Detroit Hair Show. I ate it up I tell ya.

Check out more pics below:

Who's got the blues?

Channeling Elvis

Ride the (finger) waves...

How am I suppose to give this a caption???

Now THIS, is a ponytail!

Many of the mannequins were dressed in spandex and brightly hued or patent leather clothes as well. I didn't know if I was on Flatbush or in Chelsea. I really dig when that happens too. I always say a woman is never just one thing and neither is true style. I'm already looking forward to my next Rootstein event...

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