Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How To Dress For Sprinter

In the midst of my spring cleaning, I ran across an article I wrote for my community newspaper almost four years ago to the date on dressing for sprinter. Yes, sprinter. It's that awkward period of the year nestled between late March and early May. Technically it is spring but the temps fluctuate so frequently that it often still feels like winter leaving the most pulled together folks stumped on what to wear. Well, I’m happy that this piece (which I’ve edited down in some places and added in others) still works today. Follow the five simple steps below to get you through this year’s sprinter stress-free!

Layering is probably the most important element to sprinter dressing. It allows you to remove and add pieces as needed throughout the day. The key anchor item for layering during sprinter is the trench coat (comes in handy during the fall too). A lightweight leather jacket is ideal as well. Since the trench is a solid investment piece, it’s worth a splurge. Whatever a splurge is to you.

Lightweight cardigans and jersey tops are so necessary during this time of year. We rely on them year round, however they will prove specifically helpful in spring because of their breathable qualities. Plus they are excellent for layering under that trench coat.

Most of us (especially in NYC) have been donning head to toe black since November. I happen to own a lemon yellow winter coat and happily wear bright colors 12 months of the year. Regardless of where you stand on this, adding just a punch more of rich sorbet hues like kelly green, fuchsia or orange can make any dreary, rainy April day seem sunny.

Remember that spring temperatures are notoriously inconsistent. Fifty degree and seventy degree highs within the same week are not at all unlikely. (At least not in the northeast.) Ease out of those chunky turtlenecks into skimpy tanks gradually. Save the almost bare looks for July!

Although dressing during the weeks between March and May can seem like a mini-obstacle course, it can and should be done without purchasing a closet full of new clothes. Don’t be hoodwinked by all the pretty window displays just because you have cabin fever. Mix and match items from your existing summer and winter wardrobes to achieve the right looks for you.

I have my eye on this green number from J.Crew. It is classic enough for me to wear for many sprinters to come and I’m really digging the color. But truthfully, I'm still not convinced this is my "prefect" trench.


BigCNYC said...

Bsquared... thanks for the sprinter list, but what I really need to know is what kind of shoes should one where for this awkward season as well. By this time of the year, I'm sick of wearing black tights and black shoes, yet when I go bare leg when it inches one degree above 50, I'm freezing. Please help me fix my dilemina! (sp?)

Bsquared said...

Big C, have no fear - Bsquared is here! (I crack myself up, lol.) I will make this my next post chica. I think a lot of folks probably have the same problemo...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I really like that green jacket. I should have picked it up from J. Crew before I left the states. Oh well.

I found your blog via Big C. Me like.

Barney Bishop said...

Sprinter is the most difficult time of year to dress for I find. My moms always says this is pneumonia take those clothes off. For that I appreciate this post very much. Way to many people break out the flip flops, etc. Tell'em how to do girl.