Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Can you freakin' believe the summer is almost over?! I can't. (I know most of you consider Labor Day to mark the official end of summer but I hold on to every last minute...) I still have so many things to do and see. The great news is I can (hopefully) still complete these tasks well into October since it shouldn't get too cold in the NY tri-state area for at least another two months. Plus, most of these things are free or very close to it which means they won't interfere with my Capri saving!

On my staycation wish list:

The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park
It's no secret that I adore this place and I didn't make it up there at all this summer. Phewy. Thankfully, I plan to go next weekend. I still consider this gem to be one of the Big Apple's best kept secrets.

The Bronx Botanical Gardens
ESSENCE magazine produced a fashion shoot here back in 2002 and I've been trying to get there ever since. The lush and serene atmosphere here evokes memories of the quaint island Dominica. I love that it is off the beaten path and I think it could be a really cool date spot.

The Rose Garden in the Bronx Botanical Gardens.

Roosevelt Island
This place just tickles my curiosity. It's an island...right next to an island (Manhattan)! Pretty cool, right?! I've been once very shortly a few years back for sh*ts and giggles with my cousins but I'd like to go back and stay for lunch or dinner and soak up a little more history about this mysterious part of NY.

A Bus Tour on One of Those Cheesy Double-Decker Buses
My coworker Marcia and I vowed to take a tour of NYC on one of those tour buses with fanny pack wearing families from Iowa and North Dakota before summer's end. We might miss our deadline slightly but I'm determined to make this happen. Soon. I'm looking forward to viewing the Statue of Liberty up close again (I think I was in grade school the last time), people watch from the top deck of the bus and learn about the city's rich history as a tourist in my own town.

Did you take a staycation in your town this summer? If so, where did you go? If not, where are you hoping to visit in your own backyard before it gets too cold?

I'm in a CAPRI state of mind...

Happy Labor Day Folks!

I'm hanging out at Mr. TK's office today and while he finishes up some work I thought I'd use this rare free time to catch up on my PPT blogging. Labor Day is usually a time to reflect on the summer just passed (although technically we still have 2-3 weeks of summer left) and this year is no excepttion for me. While I am blessed and thankful for the vacations I have been able to take this year, most recently to Cabo, Mexico; (YEAH!) I still have Capri, Italy ranking pretty high on my life's bucket list.

Project CAPRI in 2010 is in full effect!

My fasination with Capri began back in 2000 when I went to Rome to visit my amiga Akhira who was in Italy for a study abroad program. She and her suitemates ventured to Capri for a weekend and every single one of her pictures looked like a postcard. Every. Single. One. I vowed then to witness it all with my own two eyes one day. Then, thanks to my girls G.B. and A.L. who yesterday returned from a super-duper two-week stay in Monaco (they also hit up Canne and...well, just know they had a FLY trip!) I am even more determined that I will make it to Capri (God-willing) in 2010. In addition to their fantastic voyage, reading this post over at All About the Pretty has sealed the deal for me about this Mediterranean excursion.

As I plan my trip to the Almafi coast and the surrounding areas, I will refer to this book, In the Spirit of Capri, to help me keep this state of mind going. I have already taken a small step in getting a little bit closer to this dream vacay. I decided not to go to the last day of the Barneys Warehouse Sale today (this was a huge decision for me, folks) in an effort to save some money for my bigger travel goals next year. Aren't you proud of me? Well, I'll be sure to keep ya posted...

What travels are presently on your life's bucket list and why?