Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is A Photo Shoot Ever Just A Photo Shoot?

Aren’t these pictures gorgeous? I had to share. They are my favorite selects from Monday’s WWD supplement feature story. I love red rock country -- the scenery there is simply captivating (if you’ve never been, you gotta go), this model is no-brainer beautiful and the art direction for this shoot is on point. I also dig the bold jewelry used for this story, most of which was from Barbara Flood’s Closet. In case you’re wondering why the actual clothes are sorta blah, Monday is intimate apparel day at WWD so the focus here is lingerie/innerwear.

How many like stories can we expect since Italian Vogue’s Black issue? I honestly don’t know if that is what prompted this 12 page feature (FYI: 12 pages is huge for mags, much less a trade supplement.) but it sorta makes me go hmmmm. And if the Italian Vogue issue was indeed the catalyst for this and the other similar stories that are sure to follow in coming months from mainstream mags, should we care? Will this kinda thing even be an issue (either way) two seasons from now? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

I have made my opinion pretty clear in previous posts but I'm curious of what others think on the matter. And for those who might be feeling that there are bigger issues "we" need to concern ourselves with, I might agree with you but I also suggest reading this. Positive self-image is pretty darn important.

Things Fall Together

God works in such mysterious ways. After completing (and enjoying) Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie earlier this summer, I decided to re-read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Things Fall Apart was required reading for me my freshman year of high school. Although my English teacher was quite passionate (I heart Mr. Croonquist!) about the book, I remembered very little about Okonkwo past 10th grade. So, I wanted to give it another shot. I also noticed a copy of the novel at home a few years back while organizing my makeshift library. It wasn’t from Mr. Croonquist’s class either, this copy belonged to my father. Now, my dad was an avid reader of everything from science-fiction to history and I have lots of his books but this one in particular was really special. My father passed away during the early part of my 9th grade school year so we never had the opportunity to discuss Things Fall Apart with each other. Since BB, Sr. (he's the original Bsquared) was knowledgeable on colonization and the middle passage, I'm sure he had strong opinions about it. Honestly there was very little he didn't have a strong opinion about, lol. Yes he is deceased but he left me with so much (physically, mentally and spiritually) and my re-reading this book, his book as an adult has a greater meaning then it did in 1990 when I read it out of obligation.

The icing on the cake of all this is my buddy CM gave me an indigo dyed book cover that she purchased in Ghana to protect my dad’s paperback. After hearing my story she wanted me to keep the book in tip-top shape. Wasn’t that thoughtful? Although the book is set in Nigeria, the West African connection is still there. And peep how the cost when my dad purchased it was SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS!!!

The body goes away but our spirits never die.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Where the party at?

Thank God for moments of clarity. I had one on Friday when I decided that I would indeed attend my friend's dinner party this past Saturday. She invited me to the fiesta and I agreed to go weeks ago but then after being in a funk last week I had a change of heart. Okay I'll admit it: I was having a pity party. The reason for my pity party had nothing to do with the j-o or Mr. TK (he actually walked me off the ledge). After 2 days my pity party got very boring and no one wanted to join me.

Well, I'm so thankful I ditched that lame party for my friends shindig! It was simply fabulous. My friend, VB is like a 2009 version of B. Smith. First of all she used the Italy trip she and her husband took for their anniversary as an inspiration for the menu and the decor. They celebrated their nuptials on the Almafi coast so all the food, wine and even the dessert and appetizers had a Mediterranean theme. The main course menu included salmon, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Instead of serving the dessert in a bowl (what I would have done), she gutted out lemons and used them to serve the sorbet in. The other guests and I oooohed and ahhhhed all night at VB's creativity. We ate in her quaint backyard (they live in the 'burbs) underneath the stars with Earth, Wind & Fire playing in the background. This my cyber-friends is living. Not only was the food delish and the set-up beautiful but VB purchased most of the decorations from Tar-jay (aka Target)! That cutlery you see in the picture below is actually plastic. Yes, really.

Last but certainly not least, I just enjoy being around VB and her hubby because they are a loving and real (they have arguments over the difference between yellow and brown mustard) couple with two adorable, bright children figuring out this journey called life together. It is a blessing for me to hang out with them. Funny, I don't normally get that at the club or an "industry" party.

I had my first true dinner party last year. It was not nearly as fabulous as VB's recent gathering but I gave it my own stamp. Isn't that all we can ever do in life anyway?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gorgeous Jewelry in the Q-Borough

So I ventured over to Jackson Heights, Queens on Saturday after attending the sweetest birthday brunch for a friend. Said friend’s fiance surprised her with the fly shindig. (Yeah the brunch had to be in this post. ‘Ole boy did real good by my amiga.) So back to my adventure in Jackson Heights. Although I live in Queens and have practically all my life, I rarely make it to that part of the borough. In fact I don’t think I’ve been there in at least five years. Dubbed "Little India", Jackson Heights boasts the largest Indian population in NYC but the neighborhood’s DNA is rapidly becoming more diverse. Just so happens that I spend most of my time on the island of Manhattan and often forget about all the other dope culture right under my nose on this side of the river. (Steinway Street in Astoria for second hand finds is next week!) Anyhoo, I had been yearning to visit J. Heights to re-up on some one-of-a-kind jewelry and a funky ottoman or two for the crib-o. No cigar on the ottomans or poufs as they are typically called. The ones I want are actually Moroccan, but I did find some awesome pillowcases for super-cheap. The real delight of the day though were the beautiful specimens below. It practically looks like a Christmas tree on my wrist and forearm. And I LOVE it! I am beyond excited about my $25 bracelets. If I do say so myself, they are s-i-c-k. And again they were: Twenty. Five. Dollars. The saleslady claimed they were usually sold for $40 but she "wanted to give me good price." I’m no rookie when it comes to negotiating prices. Take that, take that.

Aren't they pretty?

Of course this is costume jewelry, but I find the deep, rich tones of traditional Indian gold to be much more interesting that what is usually offered here in the States. The bangles are available in different color ways (this green spoke to me) and are sold in roughly half a dozen shops along 74th Street. I picked mine up at: Sahil Sari Palace, 37-39 74th Street, Jackson Heights, 718.426.9526. Perhaps you think my find is hideous or just aren’t moved in the least. You’re forgiven. However, I still suggest taking a little trip to "that other borough" to at least do some window shopping, pick up a Bollywood flick and chow down on some authentic Indian cuisine.

Just be sure you eat a little naan for me too.

P.S. - Thanks to the before mentioned friend who was feted on Saturday, I finally got my hands on a copy of the July 2008 Italian Vogue. It was certainly no easy task. One day I went into four establishments on my freakin’ lunch break only to return to my cubicle empty handed. I guess she felt sorry for me. I plan to post on it next week. I was pleased to see articles on Donyale Luna, Essence and Ebony magazines, a Q&A with Bethann Hardison and a piece by Robin Givhan (too bad I haven't a clue what they actually say). If you already have a copy, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the history making issue.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Globe-Hopping in Style With Andrea Adams and Teri Johnson of Travelista

The road less traveled: Andrea Adams, left and Teri Johnson, right make their living racking up frequent flier miles.

How fabulous would it be to travel the world partying on yachts and soaking up diverse cultures all while bonding with one of your longtime friends? I’m talking running with the bulls in Spain one month then island hopping in Greece the next. Oh and I forgot to mention you get paid for it. Sound far-fetched? Think again. Andrea Adams and Teri Johnson of Travelista do just that. Since 2005, these Florida A&M University MBA grads have been gallivanting across the globe taping footage in various countries for their website and other digital and film platforms.

Now based in NYC, the dynamic duo were actually in between jaunts when I interviewed them. They had just returned from Morocco, were preparing to go to Turkey and made a pit stop in Atlanta in between. I have conducted my fair share of interviews over the past decade but I must confess that the Travelista gals were a certified treat! They are women of color who are truly living their lives like they’re golden by following their passions and making (unconventional) careers out of them. By the way, collectively Andrea and Teri speak 5 languages and have traveled to over 50 countries. (They have also both lived in Europe for several years.) How stylish is that? Continue reading to find out the inside scoop on getting upgraded to first-class, why the best sunblock for brown folks is probably not even sold in the U.S. and how to really save money on your next vacay.

How did Travelista begin?
Andrea: We met while studying at FAMU and first traveled together on Spring Break. I think we went to Puerto Rico. Every year our trips got better and better and our last year we went to Paris or Italy. After we graduated we continued to travel together. Before one of our excursions to Italy, we decided to record some of our trip. When we returned we showed the video to a couple of our friends who happen to be producers and it took off from there.

What is an average day like for you guys?
Teri: That is kind of a difficult question because everyday is so different. There are some days when we’re actually traveling, in the field meeting people. We spend a lot of time in pre-production so there is research, talking to the tourism boards of different countries, talking to our colleagues in various cities about the latest in nightlife and the hottest new spots so that once we arrive in a place we are pretty much ready to go.

Everyone is strapped for cash these days and the new surcharges implemented for checked luggage only magnifies matters. What are your die-hard packing rules?
Andrea:I’m notorious for only packing one bag, even for international flights. I can get multiple wears and uses out of very small but chic things. I always pack a swimsuit, a pair of white jeans, a cashmere scarf (you don’t want to use an airplane blanket), a short dress, a long dress, a blazer - it will look cute with your white jeans and your long dress and a pair of aviator sunglasses.
Teri: Also, it is important to not only pack a swimsuit but to have it in your handbag so that if your luggage arrives to your destination after you, you can still get some beach and/or pool time in.

Do you have any tips on saving money on airline flights or travel in general?
Teri: The biggest thing that we do is to rack up airline miles any way that we can. A lot of these airlines have partners so we know that Air France is partners with Continental or Delta. Now we have miles on every major airline. Not only is this good for free trips but it can also bump us up to first-class.
Andrea: Also certain credit cards offer incentives for flying with certain carriers. In addition we usually stay at private residences so not only is the trip more cost efficient but we get a more authentic experience in the city than we probably would staying in a hotel.

What shouldn’t we be packing in 2008?
Andrea: One thing I think people should have is a universal charger. That way you can charge your iPod, your BlackBerry, your laptop and your digital camera with one device.
Teri: We are big on packing our must-have beauty items but it is fun to shop in other countries and try local products. In Brazil I found the best sunblock specifically designed for people of color ironically from Johnson & Johnson called Sundown Illumine Pos-Sol.

Now what are your must-have travel accessories?
Andrea: The universal charger that I mentioned earlier, ballet flats - they are comfortable and stylish, the Flip video camera - it is inexpensive and an easy way to share videos with loved ones back home and a comprehensive travel guide that will teach you how to ask "Where is the bathroom?" in the city's native tongue.
Teri: An iPod, my favorite Chanel perfume - I stock up on samples at the cosmetics counter so that I store them in my carry-on bag and my Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 30. A compact hand sanitizer and facial mist are also a must.

What is the one place you haven’t been that you’re dying to visit?
Andrea: I haven’t been to Asia. I’m specifically interested in Tokyo and Vietnam. I’m really into massages and I’ve heard that the beauty treatments are amazing and inexpensive in Vietnam. And Tokyo is reportedly modern and cosmopolitan and I’m interested in their art scene.
Teri: I’ve always been fascinated with Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. I’m really into anthropology and the indigenous cultures in these countries.

Wanna know what exotic locale jet-setters Andrea and Teri are off to next? Read their blog here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My (and maybe your) Work Wear Essentials

I have been avoiding this post. I seriously wondered, Have I written a check I can’t cash? Geez. Personally, I don’t like lists that dictate what one should or shouldn’t wear. It goes against everything I think true style is. There are always exceptions to the rules. However, after reading this post from one of Glamour mag's blogs I decided I couldn’t renege on my promise. So, I have managed to create a five item work wear essentials list based on my experience and observations without creating any mandates or absolutes. How lame would that be?

Although I work in a relaxed office in terms of dress code, I have totally taken into account those who don't. I hate when magazines publish career fashion features and style models wearing fishnets and five-inch heels. The average woman can't wear that to work! So know that this list was formed with all professions (and budgets) in mind.

Here goes:

a suit (pants or skirts) - I prefer pant suits but obviously the choice is yours. I actually enjoy pairing a traditional suit with a wife beater or even a lacy camisole to mix it up a bit. For those working in a traditional corporate setting, a less bare top would probably be more appropriate. But whether I was working for Morgan Stanley or running a cupcake business from my kitchen, the key for me is still details, details, details. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the craftsmanship of Paul Smith (gonna get one of his suits when I grow up) so contrasting linings are a huge plus for me. So are double lapels, interesting details on pockets and unique top stitching. I’ve surprisingly scored amazing deals on suits with these special touches and more at Barneys and Nordstrom so don’t sleep on them! An extra benefit of high-end stores are the in-house tailors.

a "crisp" white shirt/blouse - My mom has always said you can never have too many and I now have to agree. Whenever you’re in a bind, pop one on with a black pencil skirt or trousers and you’re bound to look professional and pulled together. (Remember when this was the church choir uniform?) To avoid looking like a waiter, complete the outfit with a pair of pumps and/or a handbag in bright color. If that is still too "out there" for your office, let your jewelry display a hint of personality. The Gap did a line of designer white shirts a couple seasons back that were a little left in a cool way. At the moment, I’m really digging this one from Target which I happen to own in royal blue.

a sensible pair of pumps - I mentioned in a previous post that black pumps were a wardrobe staple for me. While I guess this is true, I do like a surprise braided slingback, a rounded toe or even a funky heel as well. The hidden platform in this pair from Samanta make them more comfortable than they look. In most corporate office settings, flip flops or open-toe heeled sandals are a no-no but that doesn’t mean the school principal or law firm partner can’t still have a mean shoe game. Accessories are such a fun way to expose your creativity despite what you do for a living. Think Joan’s character on Girlfriends.

a substantial bag (that can hold resumes, recco letters, a portfolio, etc.) - Since we are in the midst of the digital age this might not be a big deal to some but I still think there is something so authoritative and professional about walking into an interview or important meeting/presentation with a portfolio case or tote bag versus a purse. Don’t you? The choices are endless right now as the handbag market is constantly getting new offerings. I "splurged" on a monogram Louis Vuitton shopper tote a few years back and I truly believe it was an investment. It is classic, seasonless and literally goes with everything. And since folks are currently plopping down 2/3 g’s for bags maybe it was actually a bargain…

a trench coat - The trench is so ideal in the spring, fall and sprinter. There is not too much I can write about the trench that hasn’t been written before. It too is a classic. While it always says "I mean business," something about cinching the waist with the belt screams femininity. (By the way, if a tradional trench feels too stuffy for your taste, try switching the belt it was sold with for a leather or suede one.) There are a plethora of colors, styles and price points available so take your pick. It is always disappointing to see someone wearing a fly suit under a casual bubble jacket to a professional occasion.

What did I miss? Leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exclusive: Michelle Obama Addresses The New Yorker Cover

…That’s when I wondered was I here for "the cause" or because,
‘Cuz Ray Charles can see the ghetto,
Was told to be strong and I could beat the devil.

-Nas, Doo Rags

Work wear essentials will have to wait until tomorrow. Gotta get some other stuff off my heart and mind right now. I thought hard about whether or not I was gonna mention the now infamous New Yorker cover here. (Click on the link if you need to see it. I refuse to post that foolishness on my blog.) The cover has gotten way too much attention already. It’s ugly (I mean ugly in the way an old southern Black woman calls ignorant behavior ugly) and I didn’t want to repeat much of what everyone else has already said on their blogs. So yesterday evening I decided not to address it.

Where are the turbans, guns and burning flags I wonder?

But then earlier today, I stumbled upon the September 2007 issue of Essence magazine. In it is a feature story on our girl, Michelle Obama. I believe this was actually the article that made me fully aware of her gangsta. Well, when I revisited the article I initially read some ten months ago, I came across this quote:

"I know who I need to be. I’ve come to know myself at the age of 43. Now maybe if I were 23 or 33, I’d still be struggling with that. But I’m a grown-up. I’ve seen it up, and I’ve seen it down, and I know who I need to be to stay true to who I am and keep my family on track."

Folks, I don’t think we have seen the dirtiest this race will be just yet. And while I am still pissed about this cover (and let’s all take a moment to acknowledge how offensive it is to those of the Muslim faith, those who were/are a part of the Black Panther Party and those who are of Arabic heritage as well) and probably will be for a minute, Michelle’s above quote gave me exactly the solace I needed to deal with this. She and Barack knew when he decided to run that ish wasn’t gonna be fair. Neither of them would have accomplished what they have thus far in life if they stopped when ish wasn't fair or right. Of course I can’t know for sure but I think Michelle’s quote just perfectly sums up how she feels about this whole mess.
I started this post off with a few lyrics from one of my all-time favorite musical dudes, Nasir Jones. The lyrics are from his under the radar album, The Lost Tapes and I thought they were fitting for a time such as this. Oh and since I was so pressed to attend his concert tonight in NYC, I missed the VIP preview day of the Tracy Reese sample sale. But I honestly didn’t need to go. I need new furniture much more than I need a new dress -- I can’t afford both right now. I wanted him to perform Doo Rags tonight and he didn’t but I have saved money (for my new plasma) as I result of attending his show. See, Nas is a poet and a budget enforcer!

The regularly scheduled blogging should resume tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

P.S. - I know I reached with the title of this post but I needed to get your attention.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What To Wear To Work: Appropriate Office Attire for Grown Women (Plus, Tocorra in Italian Vogue and a Hot New Children’s Line from Veronica Chambers)

Yesterday I came across an article on The Root titled Growing Into My Big Girl Clothes. It discusses how challenging it can be to transition into a corporate culture of Brooks Brothers suits after wearing sweats and jeans as a college student. The author writes, My jeans and club clothes had their place. I finally realized it's not in the office. Cute, right? I thought so. The thing is, I wear jeans to work ALL the time. And occasionally, even my boss’s boss does. And I’m a professional working in an office setting. But, I work in a relaxed, creative environment. I once met with a now mentor for an informational interview and she chided me for showing up dressed like I was going to a bank teller conference. In some fields, it is actually a negative to appear too "stuffy".

A few months ago my girl who is a manager in the marketing department of a major bank in D.C. revealed to me that she would NEVER go to work with bare legs. I gagged. In that very conversation I learned just how wide the spectrum is for what is considered acceptable work attire. Shucks, my company’s president and CFO are always doing the bare leg look. (I do realize that region is a huge factor as well and NYC where I work can be more laxed than our nation’s capital about this kinda thing.) Just today I wore a scarf on my head to the office and I literally thanked God as I tied it that I’m not employed by Goldman Sachs where such attire would simply not be tolerated. Now I would probably have a lot more money in my 401k but hey.

While the author of The Root piece seemed to connect maturity with office wardrobe choices, I think it has much to do with occupation as well. At 32 and very much a working woman, there are indeed certain items I have convinced myself I should own: a black pencil skirt, a cashmere sweater in a complimentary color and a black pair of pumps are all on the list. Next week I will post items every, or at least most, working women (creative or not)should own. Too tired to complete that now. I have to be at work in 8 hours. But in the meantime, what are your go-to staples for work and why?

P.S. - I have been to no less than 10 newsstands and a Barnes & Noble searching for the July "All Black" issue of Italian Vogue. The last dude in the East Village store I inquired about the mag in asked me in a very concerned tone, "What’s in it?" At that point I knew he had been bombarded by dozens of others before me. When is it gonna hit the States already???!!! UHG. Hopefully, I can score a copy sooner than soon but I did notice these pics of Tocarra online earlier today and wanted to share. I like. Already I read someone complain about these images being overly sexual. I disagree and feel this is a case of a tree simply being a tree. I doubt anyone would care if she were an A cup. What do you think?

P.P.S. - As if I needed another reason to think she was dope, Veronica Chambers went and started her own clothing line for little girls. The sweetest stuff. I believe her daughter inspired the current collection. I will be purchasing something for my nieces for sure. Check out the very affordable line, Florabunda Tots, for yourself.

P.P.P.S - I wasn’t gonna mention this but I can’t help it… What the doggone is wrong with Jesse Jackson? Seriously.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

9 Questions For... Gigi Guerra!

Well, I gotta come clean. First of all, I’m way behind on my "monthly" 9 Questions For… posts. Sigh. Then, I personally was afraid of including too many fashion folks in this feature for fear that it would become very insular and predictable. Like, aren’t folks who work in the fashion or related industries suppose to be fly? Don’t they get all the free ish (sometimes), find out about all the dope sample sales first (usually) and all obtain an innate sense of sick personal style? (not at all, trust me) But then I had to check myself and remember the main reason I started this blog in the first place was to show how style is much, much deeper than what we wear. (And what we do.) Isn’t it just as silly to exclude someone from 9 Questions For… because they do work in fashion just as much as it is to include someone solely because their office is in the garment district?

That said, you may still be wondering why I picked Gigi Guerra. First and foremost, I’ve been following her career for a minute. She has put in work at YM, Jane (R.I.P.), and Lucky mags. At Lucky, she traveled the world reporting on the best boutiques and websites for the popular Shopping Trip section. (Now that was a sweet gig!) These days the Texas native is a marketing big wig for J.Crew’s new Madewell spin-off. Thanks to folks like Gigi, I continue to learn how important it is not to get too comfortable regardless of what you do for a living. Gotta mix things up - sorta like mixing up high and low-end clothing; everything is important to the bigger picture. Anyhoo, Gigi always appears effortlessly cool and has a personality that is equally as approachable as her style. And though she usually keeps it pretty low-key, it is apparent that she does put in some effort. You know how real fly girls do. So read on to learn how this 34 year-old (Gigi advises us to embrace our age!) flipped a shower curtain into a couture creation when she was just a teen, why you should pay more attention to what flight attendants are wearing and why we mustn't sleep on Tokyo.

PPT: Who are your favorite stylish people?
GG: There isn't one particular person I try to emulate or anything. Sometimes it is people I see on the street - I'll like the way they put something together.

PPT: Where are your favorite stylish places?
GG: I was really impressed with the style in Tokyo because it just seemed so advanced from anyplace else I had been in the world. Everyone looks to the runway for style ques but literally what is on the street there seems to trickle down to the masses like two years later. Other places include Buenos Aires. The shoes and bags and the leather there is so impressive.

Tokyo's got next.

PPT: What are your favorite stylish things?
GG: Really well-done utilitarian objects. I love old linen tea towels with someone else’s initials on them that you re-embroider to make your own. There is a store called Matter (they have a couple of NY locations) and I think they are really good for sourcing unusual objects that are well thought-out pieces. I am basically drawn to things that are beautifully functional.

PPT: What has been your biggest splurge?
GG: I visited Easter Island about 10 years ago. It was a solo trip. I also went to Morocco (my cousin's husband is from Marrakesh, so we visited and hung out with his family over a big holiday). To me travel is always worth it.

Iconic statues on Easter Island.

PPT: How about your ultimate budget find?
GG: I found an old Emilio Pucci airline stewardess blouse from the 1970’s for 50 cents from a thrift store in Austin, TX. I got it like 15 years ago and I don’t think anyone knew what it was then.

PPT: What was the last vacay you took [non work-related]?
GG: I went to Ethiopia last year. I went for about ten days, it was an amazing trip. I traveled all over the country. Oh and I stopped in Dubai on my way to Ethiopia.

A breathtaking waterfall in Ethiopia.

PPT: What was the last book you read?
GG: I’m reading Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town by Paul Theroux right now. It is about a man traveling from Egypt to South Africa and he goes through Ethiopia. I wanted to read it and kind of reminisce about my trip [to Ethiopia]. It’s really cool to read about a place after you’ve been there. I really love his writing. He’s so observant and lives like a local when he travels so you really get a good perspective on a place.

PPT: Who are you listening to?
GG: Panda Bear - it’s kinda like dreamy and pretty. I’m listening to a lot of old stuff because many of my old favorite bands from college are touring like Spiritualized and My Bloody Valentine.

PPT: What is your definition of style?
GG: I don’t have a particular personal style, that isn’t who I am. I’m not that focused. I hop around, like one day I might wear a dress from the 1920’s and the next day wear something really modern. I don’t necessarily have one look. In general, style is about confidence. It is the complete package. If someone really loves what they’re wearing, that is what is important. I wore a shower curtain to school when I was about 16, I sewed beads on it and added pockets and my mother totally supported me so confidence was instilled in me at a young age.

(Technical Difficulties: I'm SO sorry Gigi's pics are teeny, tiny!)

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Gotta sweet tooth but low on cash? Fret not. Click here and enter yourself in my girl Imani’s little cookie contest. Imani takes the business of chocolate quite seriously so any cookies she co-signs on have to be fab. (Leave it to her to find cookies that taste as good as they look, are green friendly and have cool packaging.) Tell her Bsquared sent ya. And hurry – the deadline is July 8th!

Confession: The post I originally planned to add today fell through the cracks. It will now have to wait until next week. Phewy. But I am trying to make up for the delay with this yummy info.