Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bits & Pieces

By now the news about Italian Vogue's issue featuring all Black models has reached the masses. Sure this is exciting and historical. No doubt I will be purchasing a copy. Am I totally shocked? Not really. Bethann surely has something to do with this - directly or not. Kudos to her for getting folks to think out of the box in relation to models of color.

Miss Jourdan Dunn is rumored to be the cover model of this groundbreaking issue.

This issue will probably drop in June or July. I'm not shocked because the "J" months (January, June, July) are always slow sellers in mag publishing. That is when a book like Vogue, even an edgy Italian Vogue would take such a "risk". Also, this still feels like a novel idea to me. Sorta like a makeover issue or a green issue... Black women are not novelties. To me, this is different than Trace's Black Girls Rule! annual issue. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

Once I pick up the mag and actually digest it I will post on it cover to cover. It really isn't fair to judge it until then. I guess I might need to brush up on my Italian huh?

Before I go, check out this new (or at least new to me) site my girl Mija just put me on to. Like.com is kinda genius. You can even upload photos of items you like and then get a listing of who has the same or a similar product. Makes you say, 'Why didn't anyone think of this before?'

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