Friday, April 25, 2008

Creole Cuisine in Illidelph (no really)

A conference with my church took me to Philadelphia last week. In between seminars and reminiscing on college road trips to the city of brotherly love for Penn Relays (SO much fun!) I managed to eat at a newly opened restaurant named Les Bons Temps. Les Bons Temps, loosely translated means let the good times roll, just opened last Friday. It was rather cool to dine there on their opening night. Serving cajun/creole cuisine, Les Bons also has live music (at least they did when I was there), a full bar and a relaxing ambiance. The antique wood finishings and chandeliers throughout the restaurant really made me feel like I was in the Big Easy even through I was in the heart of downtown Philly. It could make a great date spot too - the seats overlooking the first level are romantic in a non-saccharin way.

I enjoyed the fried oysters while my friends raved over the crab stuffed tomatoes. I’m no foodie but this place is worth a visit if you find yourself in the neighborhood. I think they’re just opened for dinner at the moment. And the prices were not outrageous but if you're really counting your pennies like me, I suggest just ordering an appetizer or two. My friends and I were disappointed about not getting our cheesesteak or Rita Water Ice fix during our stay but I’m kinda glad we found this little gem instead.

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CJ said...

Loves it. I gotta catch up with you on the fabulous things to do in life.

be at fab restaurant on opening night . ..check