Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Unbeweavable!

I have no business blogging right now. I have a story to work on for the j-o, dishes to wash (nope, I don’t have a dishwasher) and a personal project to dedicate at least thirty more minutes to before I turn in. Oh yeah, it is already midnight and I have to work tomorrow. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I honestly can’t tackle any of those things before I blog. People.Places.Things has become therapeutic to me in that way. And I’m thankful for the outlet.

Speaking of being thankful, I was able to receive a free hairdo at work a couple months back. Random I know but many things in my life are. (I’m learning to be thankful for that as well.) Anyhoo, my hair is in a serious transition stage: while I’ve been natural and without a relaxer for the last eight years, most of my ends are bone straight from over a year of pressing, blow-drying and flat ironing. Note that my roots are still kinky. I just can’t deal anymore so I’m starting over. Tomorrow actually if all goes as planned. Snip, snip. It is spring after all, the perfect time to cut my hair and try something (sorta) new.

So back to my makeover, I was skeptical. I was informed ahead of time that I was going to receive a weave. Yikes. I haven’t had a weave since college and back then my hair was relaxed. I was beyond nervous about a weave with my current hair situation. But Eric Bland of Brooklyn’s Time Salon didn’t flinch when he saw my hair. He matched the textures up perfectly and some of my aces couldn’t even tell. For the record, when my hair was healthy, my bob was quite similar the first couple of days after a salon visit. But, my fine strands would never appear as dense and thick as my new weave.

Besides Eric being crazy talented, he is a sweetheart and totally professional. He even recommended ways to reverse my tresses to their natural state. Apparently a reconstructor will aid in this process but I’m so ready for a new look that didn’t really bother. Besides, if I don’t like my new cut, I’ll just let Eric give me another weave!

I feel compelled to add that Eric has no idea I’m blogging about him. I’m plugging this dude solely because he’s talented and I like the way he did my hair. Also, he did not style my hair in the salon so I can't comment on Time itself.


BigCNYC said...

this really does look like your hair.

BigCNYC said...

i can't wait to see your new look