Friday, March 13, 2009

One to Watch: Miguel Antoinne

It's been too long. *Sigh* I have no "good" excuses for not posting either so I'll just get to it.

Fall 2009 Fashion Week wasn't a big "to do" for me this season. While I didn't get invited to much, I didn't hustle as I have in the past for invites either. I have delayed reactions so perhaps the reason for my blah attitude will be revealed to me later. Although I only went to a handful of fashion week events last month, there was one designer I discovered that I must sing the praises of: MIGUEL ANTOINNE.

Looks from Miguel Antoinne's Fall 2009 debut collection.

My coworker invited me to attend Miguel's event at a posh east side NYC hotel penthouse and I obliged. Tastemakers like Lloyd Boston were in the house, drinks were flowing, complimentary hand massages by Aveda were plenty. (Love Lloyd btw! Check him out on his new Fine Living show, Closet Cases.) The vibe was cool, this is the same event I met Kwame at, but the clothes were FIRE! Miguel specializes in menswear. A fellow F.I.T. alum, his foray into fashion began with him working as a buyer for one of the nation's leading retailers. Miguel's Fall 2009 debut collection is made primarily from Italian and Japanese fabrics and was inspired by gangsters of the 1920s. The details are ridiculous: oversized pockets, constrast top stitching, unique blending of cashmere and pony-hair. His color palette is pretty basic with grey, black and pops of white and beige but the garments were anything but. Miguel's collection put me in the mind of Paul Smith and that is always a good thing.

Miguel (front and center with arms folded) poses for a pic with models during his Fall 2009 presentation. Isn't he a cutie?

Time will tell whether or not Miguel will make it at retail for seasons to come. One thing that makes me feel confident he will (so many young, talented designers don't unfortunately) is his experience as a buyer. While the price points were way out of my league or most that I know, there is certainly a market for his offerings. Plus, Miguel's clothes are investment purchases not a wear for 2 or 3 seasons and then toss type purchases.

Check his stuff out for yourself here.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

P.S. - As of tomorrow, I'm back to posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Paula, I'm sorry!

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