Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girl Power

When it rains, it pours. As a child, I never understood when my mother told me that but I sure as heck do now. At this very moment I need to get a new phone, schedule a dentist appointment, fax documents to my tax guy, pack for a weekend getaway, return (personal) calls to about 6 people...and that is only half of it -- LOTS going on.

Whew, I had to get that out. Now back to business.

I had the plesaure of speaking at The Young Women's Leadership School in Jamaica, Queens (NY) on Tuesday. I spoke to a group of 10th graders as part of the school's Cool Women, Hot Jobs program. Every single time I participate in something like this I feel partially guilty as I always get just as much out of it (if not more) than the students. Talk about gaining perspective. While I have spoken at a school in Queens before, being in JAMAICA where I was born and raised meant a lot to me. The girls I met on Tuesday have so much promise, so much talent. They were bright-eyed and actually seemed interested in hearing about little 'ole me and what I do for a living. In me telling them to never give up and work hard even when it seems no one is paying attention, I was reminding myself of what matters most too. God is so awesome like that. Why am I sharing with you guys? Well it is probably the flyest thing I've done all year.

How can you not look at this picture and smile?

Then, last night I spent the evening in Harlem for a lovely shindig to help launch Shaun Robinson's new book, Exactly As I Am. Just as the title suggests, Robinson's book encourages young women to nuture their self-esteem. Interviews with everyone from Gabrielle Union to Nancy Pelosi are included. I mingled with more inspiring women there and picked up a copy of the book for my nieces. They can't appreciate it now but they certainly will one day.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. The youngins are watching us y'all. They really are.

P.S. - Topshop is FINALLY opening in (Soho) NYC today! More on that later.


Candice Frederick said...

I love this blog! It's high time we sistas stick together and uplift one another. Thanks for this.

Caila K said...

Aww that's wonderful. I will pick up Shaun's book and YESSSSSSS to TopShop-woohoo!

Penny For My Thoughts said...

It is always interesting what young children take from experiences like this. My experiences have proved to me that the points adults may expect to stick aren't always the points/jewels that leave the biggest impact on the youth. Let me know how things go with the one student that has already reached out.

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