Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is It More Than A Crush?

While thumbing through the New York Times "T" mag earlier today, I stumbled upon this beauty below:

Done drolling? Okay. Now imagine this in bold, piercing red. (That is the color T shot it in.) The baby sells for $1,799 at I'm thinking that it is worth the money especially since I envision having my living room decorated in primary colors. So this red couch will go quite nicely with a blue chair and yellow throw pillows. I also love that it is a sleepr sofa and will really prove to be handy when my nieces come up to visit.

Hmmmmmm... It is about time for me to invest in another grown-up piece of furniture so we shall see. First, I need to investigate whether or not I can score this baby any cheaper through a hook-up of some sort. LOL! Hey, it is what it is.


Candice Frederick said...

definitely make sure you're getting the best deal here

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