Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cute Cocktails

So, while I was down in the "urea" for Inauguration Weekend, several of my peeps gathered for a celebratory brunch at our friend's new house in northern Virginia. I've been friends with these folks for forever and we always have a ball when we get together. Isn't it great to be around people that you can TOTALLY be yourself with and vice versa? But since life (mostly careers) has us pulled in such different directions, we can't get together as often as we would like. We had a great time reminiscing on college road trips, sharing dreams about life ahead and of course breaking bread. We were so proud of ourselves for the huge spread that was prepared. Tress, we couldn't have pulled it off without your warm maple syrup, LOL. Everyone chipped in and I'm confident that B. Smith and Martha S. would have been proud. The hostess even garnished most of the dishes with fresh parsley (numerous jokes proceeded).

My contribution to the brunch was a signature cocktail. Funny since I probably drink the least out of the crew. I was too excited about this lil' "drank". I got suggestions from the sales guy at the liquor store for my Obamatini (I insisted that it be blue) and here's what I ended up getting:

Blue Curacao (one part)
Cranberry flavored vodka (one part)
Tonic water (a splash or two)
*Use a martini shaker to mix and chill the beverages.

Mr. TK helped me prepare the cocktails which eneded up being kinda strong (funny since he drinks even less than me). We quickly figured out that we had to add a little more water for most people's taste. It could have been that everyone was also drinking mimosas... I also garnished the drinks with pineapple chunks (very pretty). And drumroll: Everyone loved my Obamatini! We toasted to our new prez and positive change and the entire shindig was pretty daggone fabulous. We totally planned it at the last minute but I've learned that those are the times I tend to have the most fun.

Have you ever created a signature cocktail? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

BTW - The above pic is not of my Obamatini. I forgot to take a picture of it so I just used this pretty cosmo to give you a "feeling" instead.

Oh and one more thing, be sure to check out my girl Cynthia's recent blog post about folks mean muggin' Prez Obama on his office attire. Seems as though many are claiming he's a bit too casual for the Oval Office. Oy vey. I think it's all quite ridiculous. What about you? Leave me a comment on this too please.

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