Monday, July 28, 2008

Where the party at?

Thank God for moments of clarity. I had one on Friday when I decided that I would indeed attend my friend's dinner party this past Saturday. She invited me to the fiesta and I agreed to go weeks ago but then after being in a funk last week I had a change of heart. Okay I'll admit it: I was having a pity party. The reason for my pity party had nothing to do with the j-o or Mr. TK (he actually walked me off the ledge). After 2 days my pity party got very boring and no one wanted to join me.

Well, I'm so thankful I ditched that lame party for my friends shindig! It was simply fabulous. My friend, VB is like a 2009 version of B. Smith. First of all she used the Italy trip she and her husband took for their anniversary as an inspiration for the menu and the decor. They celebrated their nuptials on the Almafi coast so all the food, wine and even the dessert and appetizers had a Mediterranean theme. The main course menu included salmon, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Instead of serving the dessert in a bowl (what I would have done), she gutted out lemons and used them to serve the sorbet in. The other guests and I oooohed and ahhhhed all night at VB's creativity. We ate in her quaint backyard (they live in the 'burbs) underneath the stars with Earth, Wind & Fire playing in the background. This my cyber-friends is living. Not only was the food delish and the set-up beautiful but VB purchased most of the decorations from Tar-jay (aka Target)! That cutlery you see in the picture below is actually plastic. Yes, really.

Last but certainly not least, I just enjoy being around VB and her hubby because they are a loving and real (they have arguments over the difference between yellow and brown mustard) couple with two adorable, bright children figuring out this journey called life together. It is a blessing for me to hang out with them. Funny, I don't normally get that at the club or an "industry" party.

I had my first true dinner party last year. It was not nearly as fabulous as VB's recent gathering but I gave it my own stamp. Isn't that all we can ever do in life anyway?

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