Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What We Can All Learn From Malia and Sasha: Living Within Our Means

I'm still overjoyed and sorta numb right now so forgive me. I will post more about my new president and what he, his wife and two adorable daughters means to me on a personal level another time. Right now, I wanna get into practical matters: spending.

As all the world watched the inuaguration yesterday, many of us were waiting with baited breath to see what Michelle, Malia and Sasha would be wearing. Don't front, if you're reading this blog, you were probably one of those people. What? Are you thinking that it seems frivilous to blog about fashion after such a historic day? Well, keep reading.

Malia and Sasha were wearing J.Crew for their father's big day. Yep, J.Crew - that store you can basically find in any mall or on any Main Street, USA. (I must add that their looks might have been "budget" but they were very high on style.) I am even more grateful to Barack and Michelle for what I know is the beginning of a major shift in values throughout this country. Now everything is relative so I understand that for some people, J.Crew might be considered "high-end". But, in context folks - Malia and Sasha had EVERY major designer label throwing dresses at them - it is certainly budget. Trust me, I interned and freelanced at a childrenswear trade magazine and I am well aware of the types of clothes the Obama girls had access to. I'm talking the kind of stuff that can be found in Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys New York. I think a conscious decision was made to have Malia and Sasha wear J.Crew.

People, a very clear message is being sent here: We must start and/or continue to LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS! While Malia and Sasha didn't have on couture yesterday, I guarantee that they will both have their homework in school today. I am willing to bet (if I was a betting woman) that they will even make up the work that they missed in school yesterday. My mother pointed out to me that although there is hired staff to wait on them hand and foot in the White House, Michelle insists that the girls will still have chores (Michelle wants them to continue to make their own beds.). I've mentioned this here before, but prioritizing when we spend (especially for our children) is so important and I'm estatic that the First Family is leading by example.

When we instill these types of values into our youth, it prevents them from spending their rent or mortgage money on a Gucci purse later in life. Or, blowing 40k on a wedding without having a 6-9 month emergency cushion saved first. As President Obama (I love the ring of that) mentioned in his eloquent speech, the days of spend now, figure it out later are over. That is part of the reason we are in the mortgage crisis we're in now. Sacrifices might need to be made so perhaps Junior can't get those new Jordans this month after all. Instead of sulking about that though, let's make sure Junior can go to college debt-free. And I must add that I am in no way in a perfect financial state myself. I certainly have work to do in order to get where I would like to be financially. But thankfully, I can now look to my new First Lady for guidance in this department. (I wonder if that would have happened with Cindy McCain...)

Yep, change is here. (And I love it!)


Magali said...

I had a friend living with me for a while while she got on her feet. Her son was wearing Timberlands. I try to broach the subject that maybe, since she's homeless she can forgo namebrand shoes for her son. It goes completely over her head. It's not even a consideration.

BigCNYC said...

I never would have thought for a second those little outfits were from J. Crew. In my opinion, they were the best dressed of the day. And I love they still looked like little girls, in their Sunday best.

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