Sunday, January 11, 2009

French Connection: Chillin' with Catherine (Malandrino) Plus a Les Nubians Performance (sorta)!

Hey, hey, hey! I had a "fashionable" evening Friday and I’m still kinda gitty about it. My coworker Eddy and I went to a party at Catherine Malandrino’s boutique in NYC’s Meatpacking district. I've crushed on Malandrino here before and nothing has changed. I still adore her ultra-feminine frocks with intricate details. So when Eddy asked me to join her for Friday night's event, I was all in. It worked out perfectly too since I had a birthday shindig to attend that was also downtown but didn't start until 10pm.

Not that I needed another excuse to pine over the clothes at the Catherine Malandrino boutique, but in addition to free booze, there was scheduled to be a perfermance by Celia Faussart of Les Nubians. Remember them? Very talented chicks that stayed somewhat below the radar in the States but the idea of hearing Celia sing in an intimate setting with live musicians was even more reason to go. She did her thing too and has a great band. The saxophone player can really blow!

Celia after her performance. Aren't we feeling the flowers in her hair?

Well, Eddy and I had a ball. Her fiance joined us and was sweet enough to take the pics you see below. Lola Ogunnaike was also in the house. That's her with Eddy on the right. After the perforamce we chatted with Celia and learned that she's raising her kids in Brooklyn, USA now and appreciates living in NYC since she doesn't drive. She assured us that she and her sister haven't broken up but rather are taking an unofficial hiatus.

We also met Catherine that night. She's cool as a fan. I was practically stuttering while telling her how much I admire her work. Very humble and gracious she was. She's such a talented designer and I've been a fan ever since she held her Spring 2002 runway show at Harlem's Apollo Theater. Yep, she made all those hoity-toity buyers and editors trek to 125th Street to view her collection. HA! She also chills with Mary J. Blige on a regular. Gotta love it. Trust me, I'm privy to a whole lotta PR gimmicks and folks exploiting culture of the African Diaspora solely for their own financial gain but I really believe Catherine is sincere and what you see is what you get.

Now if I could just afford to get her clothes at retail... LOL!

(L to R:) Me, Celia and Eddy cheesin' for the camera.

(L to R:) Me, Celia, Catherine and Eddy

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