Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Know What Men Like, Part Dos

So as promised, below is the second part of the candid convo with my friend Anslem in a quest to find out what men truly think about what women wear. In part one, we got an idea of what he liked (sweatpants!) and didn’t like (make-up) among other interesting tidbits. We also played a game of Rate This Look. Here are Anslem’s responses to pictures of some women who generally have a style I dig. Anslem didn’t always agree. Check it out:

Michelle Obama: Michelle falls into like the Wall Street type and that can be extremely sexy. She’s an older woman and she definitely has it going on.

Vanessa Simmons: She looks approachable here. To me, this is sexy even though she’s just wearing a [basic] top and jeans with her hair in a ponytail under a hat.

Rihanna: Rihanna is tricky because she has a lot of different styles. Sometimes she is too much for me. The yellow jeans look is the cutest. I could talk to a girl wearing that. And the white dress on the right is extremely elegant. The haircut works for her too, she has a big forehead.

Lauryn Hill: She just has a beautiful face. Some might argue that she looks like a little boy here [with the hat and scarf] but she has gorgeous lips, eyes and complexion. I knew her style better back in ’98 when she was wearing locks but she’s still an attractive woman.

Kelis: She can be a hot mess sometimes. To me, this is not attractive. She’s trying too hard. That side hike is too high. Sometimes different isn’t good. I had to hold my laughter in when Ans responded to this one. I happen to love Kelis in this dress!

Gabrielle Union: This dress is form-fitting but not too much. She’s wearing it well; the color compliments her skin. When she smiles, her whole face lights up. By the way, Gabby is still my girl crush.

That’s all folks. Some of Anslem’s responses were kinda expected: confidence is sexy, trying too hard isn’t. Ya know, the sorta thing men say "on record" all the time. However other stuff really surprised me: sweatpants and long , flowy skirts can be a turn-on, over-the-top lingerie (often) is not. How many times have I freaked out in the past because (ahem) I didn’t have on a "matching set"! Geez…

Were you surprised by any of Anselm’s thoughts? Why or why not? I wanna know so leave me a comment and share your own opinions por favor.


Good Life said...

I think Anslem held it together for the guys pretty well. Guys are becoming more aware of how women dress, but its not going to the extreme. I may recognize the Nine West knock-offs but that’s only because I’ve been eyeing Rihanna all week and noticed her red bottoms…lol.

drey230 said...

I definitely think that Anslem held it down, maybe too well...FYI we gotta keep some secrets Anslem. On the real, he forgot sun dresses, one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. They show nothing but expose everything!

Another tip ladies is, with the exception of heels, anything that looks too uncomfortable for you, doesn't really do it for us...I think we figure if it took you 20 minutes to get those tight*ss jeans on, it might take just as long to get them off...lame.

j Starr said...

guys always say they don't "like" make up. Whoa - not saying that we need tons of blush and eyeshadow but a little foundation ain't never hurt nobody :). Yeah we probably are hiding something,probably dark circles and pimples. LOL.
Cute interview (anslem)- even though no love was shown to perm having, lingerie wearing, mac lipgloss rockers.

j.a.c. said...

lol @ the matching set. i used to not care about matching, but the older i get, the more i have to match. if i'm not matching underneath a sexy dress or a sharp suit, I don't feel right. i guess matching is more for me than anyone else.

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