Friday, October 31, 2008

Every Ghetto, Every City And Suburban Place I've Been

L-Boogie declared that traveling always took her back to growing up in Jersey. Well, I haven't traveled nearly as much as she has but I've done my share of country hopping (toot, toot) and like Ms. Hill, I always think about my family when I do. Like last month after one of my South African safari excursions, I couldn't wait to share the leopard chasing story with my big bro. (By the way, I gotta blog about that; it was a real doozy.) Or when I quit my job to live in London and though I was scared as all get out I remembered what my father always told me about what it meant to have our last name. (It was much more about tenacity and less about the slave name.) And when I saw how green the grass was in Scotland during the middle of winter I wanted my mother to be with me to witness it too. Those of you who read PPT regularly probably know how much I adore my fam but sadly I still take them for granted at times.

Last week, I along with most of you, received a painful reminder of how precious family is when Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found murdered. And then Monday when her nephew was found shot to death as well? Shucks, I don't even know how baby girl is coping to be honest.

I decided to share with y'all a little something I have found so much solace in over the last year or so - especially in times like this. Aside from my journal, I keep a gratitude book. Everyday or more like every few days, I write down five things I am grateful for. These things range from getting a raise at work to catching a train I was sure I would miss to having healthy godchildren. Yesterday, after crying on the bus thinking about Jennifer and her recent loss, I made a list of five things I am grateful for about mi familia. Sadly, I won't have them forever and I feel like giving them some roses to smell before it's too late. I highly suggest you do the same for your loved ones.

Sweet Sweet has been with me through it all. And no I don't sleep with him.

1 - I am grateful for my mother's undying support. It is so comforting to know that she is always praying for me.

2 - I am grateful that my nieces know their dad loves them. Hopefully, this will help them spot the real from the fake when they get older.

3 - I am grateful for still having Sweet Sweet. He was a gift from my dad about 25 years ago.

4 - I am grateful that although he has been deceased for 18 years, I am still benefiting from lessons my dad taught me when I was a child.

5 - I'm grateful that my mother has her own laundry room and garage. Sure they are both teeny tiny, but for most of my life she sacrificed not having either. No more pushing carts or lugging groceries for my mama!

6 - I am grateful for the pure joy that my nieces bring to my life. They never fail to make me smile. At five and seven years old, they still get excited over things like bubblegum and butterflies. The teenage years might change that though, huh?

7 - I am grateful for all the wonderful, hilarious and crazy memories my family has to reminisce about like my bro locking himself in the bathroom, the Plantation Inn in Selma, AL and sweat inducing visits to Aunt Julia's HOT house in the dead of summer.

I couldn't stop at just five. Betcha you can't either!

P.S. - I was gonna apologize that this post wasn't about "fashion" but I won't be doing that anymore. Style goes way beyond clothes and gratitude is ALWAYS in style.


Anonymous said...

In regards to your seven grateful things, we are inspired to acknowledge the people, places and things that we are thankful and blessed to have. In this day we are inspired by the love we see through your mother (whom we are with today) and reading your writings of which you express your gratitude to your mother. As God has said in his Word 'Love is the greatest gift we give to one another'.

We are thankful for you and the writings that inspire and uplift us all.

Ms. Sadie-Your Mother's Friend
Mary Perkins-Ms. Sadie's Sister
Cheryl Perkins-Mary's Daughter
Gail Roseboro-Mary's Neice
Your Mother-Oddie Bartlett

Love you girl. Keep up the good work. Look forward to meeting you when you visit.

tressa said...

thank you B for reminding me! i am grateful for having a special friend like you who can reminds me to be grateful!

Bsquared said...

Thank you all! I'm glad you guys read and appreciated the post. Tomorrow is not promised...

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