Friday, August 1, 2008

A Sneak Peek at Tracy Reese: Pre-Spring 2009

Who doesn't love the feminine, classy and well-crafted designs of Tracy Reese? While checking out Suze on Style earlier today, I came across these Pre-Spring 2009 looks from the talented designer. The items below won't be available at retail until early January; it is basically her cruise/resort collection. Don't you love? C'mon, you have to feel pretty in one of these dresses. And I am even feelin' the striped jumpsuit situation -- I actully have something very similiar from H&M, who knew (lol)?

I've always been partial to Tracy's spring/summer collections over her fall/winter ones because of her fearless use of color, prints and flowy fabrications. To me, what she does best just translates better for her spring lines. And I see she didn't disappoint with this latest offering. Notice how her Plenty (lower-priced line) doesn't skimp on quality or style. Go Tracy!

It is a tough choice but I think the cream dress is my favorite. What about you?



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Food Lover said...

OOh, I think that last dress with the double keyhole cut-outs in the back is my favorite. Viva la Reese!