Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's The Principle of Pleasure: Janet "Ms. Jackson If You're Nasty" Does Lingerie

Just when I thought that I was done with celeb "designed" clothing lines, I go and read this in yesterday's WWD:

"I hate when you've had on a bra all day long and you just can't wait to take it off - every woman has experienced that."

Ain't that the truth?! This is what Janet Jackson had to say about her new lingerie line which is set to debut late this year or in early 2009. (I predict it will be in stores in time for holiday or Valentine's day.) The line, named after her hit 1986 single, Pleasure Principle, is crafted primarily with lace and satin and will launch with 18 pieces. Honestly, I am very impressed with the range of bra sizes offered: 32A to 44G. It is slated to be affordable as well, price points are all reported to be under 40 bucks. But since this was reported in WWD, those might be wholesale prices - still not bad considering.

The Principle of It All: Two spicy pieces from Janet Jackson's affordable new lingerie line

There doesn't seem to be an official website for the line yet but look for her sexy little numbers in major department stores. Of course Janet is being a good little celebrity (Mama is trying to sell albums afer all...) and telling everyone how she really had a strong hand in the creative process and is very pasionate about the collection, yada ya. We've heard that before. I'm actually curious to see the line since I adore lingerie and am just thankful she spared us a cheesy denim or tee shirt venture.

SIDEBAR: Pleasure Principle is one of my all-time favorite videos. Like, ever. Janet was killing 'em in her tight grey Guess jeans, jet black wrap (so what if it was a weave, it was fierce) and sick dance moves. C'mon, the routine towards the end when she jumps off the chair is c-r-a-z-y. What else can you really ask for? And to top it off, the lyrics of the song are timeless.

P.S. - Notice I didn't include any bad jokes about wardrobe malfunctions in this post. You can thank me later.

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