Friday, July 25, 2008

Gorgeous Jewelry in the Q-Borough

So I ventured over to Jackson Heights, Queens on Saturday after attending the sweetest birthday brunch for a friend. Said friend’s fiance surprised her with the fly shindig. (Yeah the brunch had to be in this post. ‘Ole boy did real good by my amiga.) So back to my adventure in Jackson Heights. Although I live in Queens and have practically all my life, I rarely make it to that part of the borough. In fact I don’t think I’ve been there in at least five years. Dubbed "Little India", Jackson Heights boasts the largest Indian population in NYC but the neighborhood’s DNA is rapidly becoming more diverse. Just so happens that I spend most of my time on the island of Manhattan and often forget about all the other dope culture right under my nose on this side of the river. (Steinway Street in Astoria for second hand finds is next week!) Anyhoo, I had been yearning to visit J. Heights to re-up on some one-of-a-kind jewelry and a funky ottoman or two for the crib-o. No cigar on the ottomans or poufs as they are typically called. The ones I want are actually Moroccan, but I did find some awesome pillowcases for super-cheap. The real delight of the day though were the beautiful specimens below. It practically looks like a Christmas tree on my wrist and forearm. And I LOVE it! I am beyond excited about my $25 bracelets. If I do say so myself, they are s-i-c-k. And again they were: Twenty. Five. Dollars. The saleslady claimed they were usually sold for $40 but she "wanted to give me good price." I’m no rookie when it comes to negotiating prices. Take that, take that.

Aren't they pretty?

Of course this is costume jewelry, but I find the deep, rich tones of traditional Indian gold to be much more interesting that what is usually offered here in the States. The bangles are available in different color ways (this green spoke to me) and are sold in roughly half a dozen shops along 74th Street. I picked mine up at: Sahil Sari Palace, 37-39 74th Street, Jackson Heights, 718.426.9526. Perhaps you think my find is hideous or just aren’t moved in the least. You’re forgiven. However, I still suggest taking a little trip to "that other borough" to at least do some window shopping, pick up a Bollywood flick and chow down on some authentic Indian cuisine.

Just be sure you eat a little naan for me too.

P.S. - Thanks to the before mentioned friend who was feted on Saturday, I finally got my hands on a copy of the July 2008 Italian Vogue. It was certainly no easy task. One day I went into four establishments on my freakin’ lunch break only to return to my cubicle empty handed. I guess she felt sorry for me. I plan to post on it next week. I was pleased to see articles on Donyale Luna, Essence and Ebony magazines, a Q&A with Bethann Hardison and a piece by Robin Givhan (too bad I haven't a clue what they actually say). If you already have a copy, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the history making issue.

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