Friday, June 22, 2007

Learning When to Say When: This Is Grown Folx B-I

We'll buy a lot of clothes when we don't really need ‘em,
Things we buy to cover up what's inside.

All Falls Down, Kanye West

I went to a sample sale earlier this week and purchased two fabulous frocks. Although the dresses are from a designer I really respect and admire - I know, deep down in my heart of hearts that I didn’t need those dresses. I need a new mattress. I need to remember to take my iron pills to control my anemia. But those dresses? Didn’t need ‘em one bit. I knew it when I tried on the dresses, I knew it when I paid for them and I know it now. In my defense, every time I purchase something from said designer, I end up wearing the items for multiple years. And her well-crafted, highly detailed creations always get me loads of compliments. So while I don’t totally regret my purchases, I realize more and more as I get older that it is quality – not quantity- that produce a stylish wardrobe.

How often have we all stood in front of our over-stuffed closets (often containing clothes that still have tags on them), frustrated because we ‘have nothing to wear’? Virtually all of us have because we unfortunately live in a society where over-consumption is the norm. But that’s another blog and post all together… My point is that I’m trying to achieve balance in my life. Of course I want fly gear. But I also love to travel and see the world, I want to live in a fly pad and most importantly, I want to live debt-free and keep my finances on the up and up as much as possible. Plus, wisdom (and not being a trust-fund kid) has taught me that fly gear does not necessarily mean new gear.

My co-worker hipped me to another sample sale last week after the before mentioned one, and I was so tempted to go. So, so tempted. But, I did the grown-up thing and opted out. Sure, I could have went, thrown caution to the wind and charged my little heart out. While it was difficult to pass initially, I am so glad I didn’t give in. In times like those I remember the sage advice given to me by a veteran fashion stylist a few years ago. She had just complimented me on a sweater I was wearing and I quickly rejected the compliment saying, ‘Oh, I threw this on because I was running late and didn’t have to iron it. I just wore this same outfit last week!’ She politely warned, ‘Sweetie, people don’t remember how often you wore something. They just remember whether you looked good in it or not.’

Well call me a sucker, but I thought her advice was so profound and it has been in my subconscious ever since.

Living within your means is probably the most stylish way to step out of all.


Mademoiselle M said...

great post... thanks for sharing that quote. I love it.

queen-to-be said...

I'm with mademoiselle! That quote is real . . .and something I should remember more often.

Claire said...

I wish I had your self restraint!