Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Few of My Favorite (stylish) Things

Lip gloss - I’m not really a make-up wearer but lip gloss never fails to help pull your whole situation together. Trust. Someone even decided to write a song about it… My top pick is Nars Revolt. I also like Lancome Paris Juicy Tubes and MAC Lip Glass. I admit the lip glass is not my favorite (it’s a bit too sticky) but it stays in rotation simply because it's a black girl requirement.

Trouser jeans - My favorite are from Habitual. For girls with hips, Habitual always gets it right. In general, trouser jeans are ideal for those of us with a little more hip action because they balance us out. Very flattering. By now we all know that skinny jeans are ‘the it thing’ and high-waisted denims are ‘back’ but a standard trouser jean is classic and timeless. I love my indigo pair. Another perk is they don’t look as casual as traditional jeans which makes them perfect for ‘dressing up’ without really ‘dressing up’.

Stiletto note cards from Smythson of Bond Street - The popularity of email, texting and instant messaging kinda scares me. I admit to being a techno phobe but beyond that the lack of human contact nowadays is just aggravating at times. I personally prefer a good 'ole fashioned phone convo over im any day. Moreover, snail mail communication is dang near extinct in 2007. How surprising and downright uplifting is it to get a note card in your mailbox? That’s why I find the sophistication of these correspondence cards from Smythson so refreshing. Plus, they have a quiet sex appeal to them but are still professional enough for business correspondence. So worth the $$$.

Kai fragrance - I really dislike perfumes or colognes that immediately smell like alcohol. Unfortunately for me, that eliminates 90% of what’s on the market because alcohol is a major ingredient in most fragrances for preservation purposes. I prefer scented oils but they have a tendency to be too strong (think: those 2 for $10 options sold on the street in any urban city, USA) or just plain messy. So, I was nothing short of ecstatic when I discovered Kai, a soft, feminine oil that’s get this -- a roll-on. It’s a light blend of gardenia and other essential oils. Ureka!

Wife beaters - I'm talking the little boys, 3 in a pack Hanes joints. While the very un-pc monkier for this staple is well, very un-pc, I really can't seem to call them anything else. I literally have close to 20 of them. I layer them. I’ve worn them under suits to the office. I wear them with jeans and cute shoes to the club. I wear them around the crib when I'm doing laundry. Although I have them in various colors - the white ones are the most popular in my dresser drawer and I often find myself thinking I can rock one with pretty much anything in my closet. (See my home-page pic.)

Vintage pieces from Mommy and Grandma - Vintage accessories are one of the ways that so many of us add personality and uniqueness to our wardrobes. As much as I enjoy the idea of vintage however, I’m honestly not a big vintage shopper. The best vintage scores for me by far have been from my mother and maternal grandmother (RIP). Not only is this cost-effective, but each piece holds sentimental value because it belonged to someone special. Although both my mom and grandma threw away countless gems, they still left me with some pretty good stuff.

Silver ring given to my mother from our cousin who purchased it on a Mexican vacay.
Grandma’s wooden bangle. She wore a lot of costume jewelry.
This brown leather belt with brass buckle from my mother looks so right paired with dark denim.

Tulips - There are some things in this world that no matter what’s going on in life manage to make you feel just a little bit better. Tulips do that for me. And it’s nice to know that for the most part, they’re less expensive than roses which for some reason men have been trained to think all women love. I dig roses too. But tulips are less predictable and in most cases don’t seem as serious. Tulips are sorta like the ‘fun’ flower. I think I’ll pick myself up a bunch this week…

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Mademoiselle M said...

I need to get me some jeans like those. I'm gonna check out that site. I also have tons of wife beaters.. they are so necessary in life. Tulips aren't my favorite flowers but they are definitely beautiful.