Sunday, June 3, 2007

A few of my fave stylish places...

The world is not yet exhausted. Let me see something tomorrow which I never saw before.
- Samuel Johnson

I love to travel. For me, a change of scenery (especially because of NYC's hustle and bustle) always does the body and the mind good. So, I try to travel whenever my wallet and my vacation time at work allow me to. In my 31 years, I've traveled extensively around the country and there are indeed some gorgeous destinations here in these so-called United States. I discovered the jaw-dropping red mountain ranges of Sedona, Arizona this past Christmas with my mom. Been to Montreal with an ex - people were nice and it’s an impressively clean city. Numerous Caribbean getaways with friends and fam alike that made me wanna take a leave of absence from the j-o. Memorable moments in Europe (some even solo) range from visiting castles in Edinburgh, Scotland to eating gelato in Florence, Italy. And I can't wait to return to London for shopping on Oxford Street and Spitalfields Market. Oh, and debating the Jay-Z/Nas beef and other hip-hop history with native dudes in Guinea, West Africa was simply priceless. (I gotta give that trip it's own post for sure.) But, without a doubt the most beautifuliest place in this world I have ever been in my life thus far is the island of Dominica.

Dominica aka paradise

There is no hair-braiding on the beach or any cheesy Club Med resorts. But what this quaint island does offer are plush rain forests, ridiculous waterfalls at every turn - it's just so freakin' pretty! One of my tour guides said that if Christopher Columbus came back in time, this island would be the most recognizable to him of all the Caribbean. It’s just raw nature in all it’s splendidness. I hope to go back with my future husband one day - it's like that.

Sometimes the best travel destinations don’t require getting on a plane. Just a subway ride and an imagination. A couple are:

The Meatpacking District's Highline

Highline - An incognito (well, maybe not anymore) spot in NYC’s meatpacking district that has delicious Thai fusion inspired dishes, fruity cocktails and a cool ambiance for those on a budget. I eat here every chance I get. And as I discovered with a friend last summer, Highline is walking distance from a pier with tennis courts, grassy patches and benches that are ideal for journal writing or sketching or maybe even just daydreaming and watching the all too interesting people of NYC walk by.

The Cloisters - Every time I go to The Cloisters I ask myself, 'Why don't you come here more?' It's at the very tip of upper Manhattan and looking down at the city is so theraputic. It always provides a quick little get away without really going anywhere. And it’s also the perfect retreat if you want to hear yourself think which I personally find hard to do at home. Ft. Tryon Park (where The Cloisters are located) is definitely one of The Big Apple's hidden gems. (Tip: The admission fee is 'suggested' not required.)

The Cloisters in Ft. Tryon Park

My favorite stylish things up next…

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queen-to-be said...

get out of my head B!!!!! Just started reading this book two days ago i got from PHB leftovers and the guy lives in Dominica (i googled it to see if it was real:) And Im so hitting up highline (i know society has moved on but Im still in love with thai) and cloisters. Keep the posts coming!