Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daddy's Little Belt Buckle

This belt buckle is one of my absolute favorite accessories hands down. I’ve got the LV shopper tote, Morgenthal Frederics shades, jewelry from across the globe but they don’t even compare. In fact, I don’t know or care who designed my belt buckle. The peanut butter color is super cool and it looks right-on with all things denim. But the real reason I am so fond of it? The belt buckle belonged to my deceased father. I have a few of his personal belongings (a distressed leather wallet with whip stitching is another fave) but I am probably closest to this because my father and I share the same initials.

My dad was a "man’s man" and maintained a simple but well-edited wardrobe. We both loved one-of-a-kind accessories. I’m sure he had no idea that his adult daughter would be rocking this buckle when he purchased it. It isn’t exactly the typical family heirloom and one might suspect that my older brother would be the likely current owner. His initials happen to be B.B. as well but doggone it I got hold of it first. Now, I simply cannot imagine my wardrobe without it.

P.S. - The actual belt did not belong to my father but it is a near perfect match, no? What is your favorite accessory and why?


Sweet Pea said...

What a beautiful belt buckle. I can see why it's one of your favorite possessions. I've snagged many items from family members as well as bought special things of my own. But hands down my favorite accessory is my grandmother's leather trimmed swing coat. She was the epitome of classic style. So like most of her stuff, I had to get up the courage to even wear it out. Thanks for sharing.

amanda said...

Gorgeous buckle. Beautiful sentiment. I've linked a client blog on belt buckles to your site. Hope you don't mind. And keep up the writing...savvy and well composed.

Bsquared said...

Thanks so much Amanda! I appreciate the link and the support.