Saturday, November 15, 2008

And The Auntie Of The Year Award Goes To... (The Beauty of Stationery)

Not me. My oldest niece's 8th birthday was last Friday and I forgot it. The next day my mother informed me of my oversight so I called my niece immediately. She came to the phone sluggish, still tired from her slumber party the night before, and listened to me apologize profusely. Then she says, cool as a fan mind you, "It's okay Auntie B." After we discuss her big day: how being eight doesn't feel much different from being seven, the cupcakes at school and her cool new bookbag, I ask her what she wants from me. Nonchalantly she responds, "It doesn't really matter. Whatever you want to give me is fine." This kid and her sister never cease to amaze me. But she does add one important caveat: "I would like something girly though."

No prob. Auntie B can handle this...right? As I start to rack my brain about what to get - nothing too expensive (I'm trying to save more), not clothes (she doesn't need 'em) - I remember that I never got her the stationery I wanted to buy her and her sister last Christmas. Perfecto! It's certainly girly (at least the design I pick out will be) and American Stationery has a plethora of affordale options for children. Plus, while I am always buying my nieces books, I also want them to learn and appreciate the joys of writing; especially in this digital age. No email, text message or IM will ever take the place of a handwritten letter. Ever. Furthermore, I will be continuing a special family tradition. Her grandfather gave me my first set of stationery when I was about her age.

Letter writing is an art that I'm happy to expose my nieces to.

I'm hoping to make hers personalized as well. How fun! I'll be sure to let you guys know what she thinks of her belated birthday gift especially since many of you will be searching for frugal gift suggestions (if you're not already) in the next couple of weeks.

Check out American Stationery items for yourself as well here. My red stiletto notecards from Smythson are a must and I also love the detail of Atlanta-based Bluorchid designs. Are you into stationery? If so, where do you score your finds?


BigCNYC said...

What a great gift idea! I love it.

Sunil katta said...

Wow! This is an awesome post and so is helpful to me, thanks for posting. . . .
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