Monday, September 8, 2008

Greetings From Cape Town!

Hey, hey, hey!

It has been a minute since my last post (my bad) but I've had a lot going on over the last week. I had to get ready for my (insert drumroll here) vacation to South Africa! That's right, I finally made that voyage I've mentioned many times before on this here blog. In a word, I am PROUD.

I plan to post a full report on this trip when I return to the States next week. It will be complete with pictures, links and maybe even a video - I told y'all I have a new camera so watch out! Because my girl Cocoa brought along her handy laptop, I had a moment before dinner to check my email and decided to update PPT a lil' bit. Despite the weather (it is kinda cold and raining here), I am having a ball. Today I went to Cape Point (where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet), went to a warm penguin beach, read up on Nelson Mandela at a museum and checked out the V&A Waterfront. And there is still so much else to do and see. I am pumped! Later in the week we are checking out Jo'Berg.

Well, I gotta run. It's time for me to get changed for dinner. I know that I'm missing NY Fashion Week but this is SOOOOOO (yes, I needed all six o's) worth it. Besides, I'm getting a good dose of international style right where I am. Don't worry, I'll blog all about it.

Life is good. Rain and all.

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BigCNYC said...

Don't forget to watch a sundowner one evening. I'm so jealous (but the really happy kind).