Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bend It Like Posh

Dear Mr. Blackwell,

I recently learned that you included Victoria "Posh" Beckham on your Worst Dressed List.

Tsk, tsk.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why your list has become such a cultural phenomenon anyway. But then again, George Bush was elected into office twice. Well, you’ve certainly got a right to your opinion but I need to also give you mine. I know you’ll never read this letter but something about typing it is kinda liberating.

First off, Mrs. Beckham is a bad ass. Period. Fly as she wanna be. Unapologetically sexy. Take that, take that type of sexy. Forget Justin she brought it back for real. Yeah, she can afford to eat a cupcake or two. Of course she’s had work done. And no her vocal ability doesn’t wow me. But I so look forward to seeing pics of her out and about and I know I’m not alone. See, that boho, "I don’t really want you to think I care look" was getting sorta tired. Very tired in fact. There was something so refreshing about Victoria moving across the pond to L.A. and serving all her fierceness to the Uggs, "It" handbags and designer jeans, messy hair uniform wearers of La La land. Plus she manages to stay so fly while being a wife and mother. So what she has a nanny or two, or four?

Yeah, she might be a label whore, favor clothing that is typically tight, short or both but somehow she still manages to look classy and polished. And that is not easy to pull off. Look, this is coming from someone who thinks a tank top and boy shorts can be the epitome of sexy. Still I admire Victoria’s willingness to step out of the box and go slightly left. PC or not. I don’t know the lady, never met her in fact, but she always looks very comfortable in her (Botoxed) skin. Even in 5 inch heels she looks comfortable! It’s obvious that she enjoys dressing up and being the glamazon that she is. Right or wrong. Isn’t that what real style is about anyway? Being true to yourself? Victoria has discovered the silhouettes, designers and even haircuts that flatter her and she rocks with them. Yet she isn’t afraid to experiment with color, textures or even proportions. Now she is constantly wearing those Hollywood friendly oversized shades but hey on her; they do seem to work.

The most fabulous thing about the lady is that I highly doubt she’ll give a hoot about being on your list. In fact, it will probably only make her go harder. She just seems like she’s that chick. Yeah, style really does go way beyond clothes, Mr. Blackwell. I’m positive this footballer’s wife is gonna continue to flaunt her mini skirts and sky-high stilettos for many years to come.

All the best,

PS - Victoria Beckham is a very unlikely subject for a PPT blog post. But I had to throw my two cents your way.

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Claire said...

Love Posh's style. She's fierce!