Saturday, July 28, 2007

Life and Lingerie

It's the little things...

A few months back my girl Mo called me frantically requesting lingerie resource suggestions for her wedding night. As any good friend does in such a situation, I immediately got on the case. I quickly sent her the link to Agent Provocateur. This uber-luxe lingerie line has been around over a decade but is much less popular on this side of the pond than it is in it’s birthplace of London. Everybody raves about La Perla but the masses generally sleep on the racier Agent Provocateur. Darn shame too since they offer super-duper sexy separates (less sugary-sweet than La Perla) with a real grown woman edge. They even have maternity lingerie. How cool is that? The price tags are a tad hefty for most of us but worth the splurge if you’re looking to treat yourself or someone special. I also truly dig the feminine simplicity of Lavande SWK. A little less dough than A.P. but the craftsmanship is just as prevalent. It's a small yet well-edited offering designed to feel like a gift to both the wearer and observer. Be sure to peep the bralettes. So chic. Mo was very grateful for being put on to both. Now for less fancy occasions, the stand-by wifebeater (Didn’t I say they were multi-functional? Just make sure it’s teeny-tiny.) and a pair of cotton boy shorts can be surprisingly sexy in a ‘I really didn’t try to be sexy’ sorta way for much less mulah.

Jonesing on freestyle lyrics from true hip-hop heads one week and lingerie from a high-brow British lingerie brand the next. Am I tripping with this? Nah. This kind of juxtaposition is what makes me, me. A woman is never just one thing.

Blogger is not cooperating with me these days. I'm working on the links but for now just copy and paste the addresses - blah, blah, blah... I know it's lame.

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queen-to-be said...

lol. yeah blogger can be a beast. and transcending the box of what a "woman" or more specific a "black woman" is what makes being around exciting, and so very fun! And I HATE I missed the Agent sample sale;(